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Although technology is improving day by day, still there comes a lot of issues that need to be solved on time. Back in those days’ people used to have big size speakers for creating loud sounds and music. But nowadays you can easily have loud music sounds in small and portable speakers of your cell phones.

What if the speaker stops working?

What if there is an event going at your place, and music is playing continuously? People are enjoying themselves and suddenly, the speaker of your cell phone stops working. This will give a bad image of yours, if that issue remains there and is not solved immediately this would create problems. Your music stops working immediately and you cannot listen through your mobile’s speaker. All you need to do at that time is to look for a professional who will immediately check your phone and all the possible errors in it. While having trained technicians of iPhone Fix Richardson you can get the best services and you can relax without any issue.

What to do?

Now at any time of the day, your phone speaker stops working and you cannot immediately contact any professional for your service. At that time what you need to do is to restart your phone, if there is any difference or not. If the problem remains there. There are several other solutions that you can apply. So instead of stressing out and making yourself worried, it’s better to look out for some solutions. Check for any updates on your mobile phone. That is if you need to update the software of your mobile phone. If there isn’t any need of updating the software, then you can check for other general solutions. Make sure that you have turned the volume of your mobile on. And it’s not on other modes like on sleep mode or on “Don’t disturb” mode. And it’s also not set on silent or vibrate mode. If you have connected your mobile phone to any other external speaker or it’s not connected to any headphones or Bluetooth hand free. If it’s connected, get it to disconnect immediately to check if the speaker of your mobile phone starts working. Make yourself sure that no external audio device is connected to your mobile phone like any external speakers, TV, or any other Bluetooth or wireless device.

What if the problem remains there?

After applying all such solutions, if the problem remains there. Now all you need to do is to look for an expert technician who’ll completely diagnose your mobile phone. And will check out all the possible solutions. Make sure to take your phone to a professional company, otherwise, you will end up destroying your phone completely. While having iPhone Fix Richardson at your service you need not worry about any issue. As our experts will completely diagnose your mobile phone and will check out where the actual problem is. After finding the issue on a mobile phone, an appropriate solution is provided.

Clean speaker of your mobile phone

With time as excessively the phone is used, more and more dirt can easily catch it. A lot of dust can be found in the vents of your mobile phone’s speaker. And without having enough experience you cannot open your mobile phone. And check for the dust or other particles in it. Try to clean the speaker of your mobile phone using any chemical, water, blow dryer, or other solution. Will end up destroying your phone immediately as you don’t know what appropriate solution should be applied. While iPhone Fix Richardson technicians can easily clean out all the mess in its speakers. By applying different solutions with modern technology will help in eliminating the problem as early as possible.

Issues created with water or any other liquid

If you were eating or drinking something while using your phone and you accidentally split any liquid on your phone. Like any sticky liquid like juice, milk, tea or coffee will create a layer on the speaker of your mobile phone. That causes it to stop working. Even if your mobile phone starts working again immediately after you have dropped any other liquid or water. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t an issue but such issues arise after the incidents. So after dropping any liquid it’s better to immediately contact an expert technician of iPhone Fix Richardson. For the immediate recovery of your mobile phone’s speaker, our technician will apply all the possible solutions.

Keep your phone secure

Make sure that you are placing your phone in a clean and right place. Where no one can have access to your phone or at least it’s a safe place. To reduce the cause of damage to your mobile phone’s speakers. Or keep your mobile phone secure, that if accidentally you dropped your mobile phone. It remains undamaged due to the portable cover of your mobile phone. Because dropping your mobile phone will end up damaging its speaker.

Problems in the software

After applying all such solutions to the hardware of your mobile phone. If the problem remains there, surely there may be an issue with the software of your mobile phone. It may be outdated and needs to update immediately. Trained technicians of iPhone Fix Richardson will look at the problems in the software of your mobile phone. And will update the software or reinstall it if needed.

Look for professional

If after doing all the DIY, you are still facing the issue with the speaker of your mobile phone. Get it checked from the trained professional of iPhone Fix Richardson. As they’ll help you to stop stressing over your mobile phone. And will look for all the immediate, reasonable, and possible solutions.

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